ActiWa®-generator AWG 30P

The AWG 30P - small device with big output

ActiWa®-generator AWG30P
ActiWa®-generator AWG30P

Our smallest is quite large. In just one day, you can produce over 600L ActiWa® and thus do the following:

  • Treat approx. 450 m³ of drinking water or hot water against legionella and biofilm,
  • approx. 9 - 11 m³ disinfectant solution for CIP applications,
  • or, cover various applications simultaneously.

The AWG30 is ideal for drinking water disinfection in hospitals, retirement homes, schools, sports facilities and other public buildings.

Or, of course, for small to medium-sized food processors who do not want to miss the benefits of ActiWa® as a disinfectant solution.


Technical terms

ActiWa® production  30 L/h
target concentration of substances ActiWa® ca.150 ppm
electric input capacity               160 W
voltage  230 VAC
weight  25 kg
width 510 mm
height 540 mm
depth 250 mm
brine consumption ca. 0.3 L/h
tap size (metric) 1/2 in.