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Samro Technik AG has been dealing with the electrolysis of water by means of boron doped diamond electrodes for years. The resulting change in the water (ECA water) and the generation of other compounds allow a wide range of applications.

These include:


Preparation of a disinfectant from water

By the addition of some brine into the water - usually sodium chloride -, a strong disinfectant called ActiWa®, which is safe for humans and the environment, is produced..

This aqueous solution has a pH of approx. 8.5 as well as a redox potential of 800-1000 mV and can be used for general hygiene and for disinfection (surface disinfection, wiping disinfection, drinking water disinfection, etc.).

Our ActiWa® generators, which produce this disinfectant, are available for volumes ranging from 30-1000 lt / h.


Oxidation of organic as well as germs in the water

The free radicals OH - highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrodes - as well as the active substances ozone and peroxide, which are generated during the electrolysis on the diamond electrodes, oxidize the organic components in the water. This also will kill all hazardous germs in the water.



Oxidation / reduction of chemical residues in water

Electrolysis can also reduce or oxidize chemical residues and render them harmless. The efficiency and effectiveness is dependent on the composition of the water and must be determined by tests and investigations.


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