Electric water disinfection EWD

EWD - The electric water disinfection without chemical additives

By means of high-quality diamond electrodes our devices generate electrochemical pathways in the water and strong oxidizing agents and radicals without chemical additives. Not only ozone (O3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), but also hydroxyl radicals (OH◦), which are regarded as the strongest oxidizing agent, are generated with high current yield from the water molecules.

The oxidation power of these active substances is so great that even persistent pollutants and germs are reliably and completely oxidized and thus rendered harmless.

An additional secondary effect of electrolysis: the surface tension is massively reduced. As a result, the wetting action of water is improved and, for example, it can be better mixed with powdered media.


The systems with diamond electrodes are therefore also ideal for the sterilization of high-purity process waters, which are used for the production of various products.